These Party Games Are Perfect For Hosting A Christmas Party At Home

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It’s November already folks and you know what that means; Christmas is just around the corner. Yes, time flies by quickly, it seems like only yesterday we were enjoying summer barbecues and pool parties in our backyard. So with Christmas on the horizon, that means other than eating lots of food and hopefully not receiving coal in your Christmas stocking comes the next best thing: Christmas parties! And to make sure your Christmas parties beats all the other Christmas parties your lame neighbors are throwing, try these party games which are voted the best party games for adults by our readers!

Alternatively, you can start off with some super quick and short games below.

Guess the Number of Ornaments

christmas ornamentsThis is a great door game. As the guests enter, have them guess the number of ornaments on your Christmas tree and write down their name and estimate in the guestbook. At the end of the party, you can give the closest estimate a small prize.

What’s that Carol?

Prepare a lyrics list from the popular Christmas carols, but here’s the catch: only give 4 to 5 words from each carol. The person who can name the most number of songs within a set period of time wins.

The ABCs of Holidays

This is a simple game that is sure to imbue people (or at least get them to think about) the holiday spirit. Each guest (you can divide them into teams as well) gets a piece of paper with the alphabet listed vertically from A to Z. On your command, each team writes down a holiday-themed word for each letter (everyone will write C for Christmas for example). Fastest team or player wins.

If your Christmas party is going to be made of up of many people who may not know each other that well, then some icebreaker games are in order. Try these games out for size.

The Gift Wrap Challenge

christmas presentA simple arts and crafts game, players are divided into teams of two. Each team gets gift wrap and ribbon. Now for the fun part: each pair stands next to each other with their hands tied together (so one person’s right hand will be tied to his or her partner’s left hand). They must now gift wrap a package using only their free hands AND to top it all off the package must be tied off with a bow. The fastest team wins.

The Unwrapping Challenge

This is almost the opposite of the gift wrap challenge. For this one you’ll need some sort of hat, preferably Santa or elf, pair of oven mitts or some sort of bulk gloves, a couple dice and one gift that has been wrapped multiple times (depending on the number of players). To play the game, set the wrapped gift in the center of the play area and place the hat and the mitts next to it. Players will be seated in a large circle around the gift. Now one person starts off by rolling a dice and if they get a six, they get to put on the hat and gloves and begin unwrapping the gift one layer at a time. While this person is unwrapping the gift, the dice continue to be passed around and when another six is thrown, that person replaces the person in the middle. This continues until the last layer is unwrapped, and the person who unwraps it gets to keep the prize.

Burst those Balloons!

This is highly physical yet fun game. To play simply get a bunch of red and green balloons (it can be in other colors but this is Christmas after all) and divide the players into two teams. One team gets red balloons tied to their backs (or ankles) and the other with green balloons. On your call, both teams get unleashed and they try to pop each other’s balloons. Once a player’s balloons have been popped, they’re out of the game. Last team with the most number of unpopped balloons wins. You can play this game either by time, or by ‘last balloon standing’. Be warned that this game has the potential to become highly chaotic. Make sure you divide the teams equally by physical ability (don’t make one team entirely women and nerds) so that there is no sense of unfairness. And if grandma is at your party, don’t let her play this one the last thing you want to give her for Christmas is a broken hip. If you are daring, you can give each guests a blunt pencil or stick to pop the balloons, but again, keep the physical risks in mind.